Climatology Stations

  • 2018-04-14
  • By momenzada


As far as you known, water infrastructures especially hydro-meteorological infrastructures have been destroyed or partially damaged during the last three consecutive decades of war in Afghanistan.

Hopefully Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan with the financial support of World Bank installed and equipped fiver major river basins with the 26 meteorological stations in Afghanistan.

Meteorological Stations with the following parameters have been placed in moderate altitude:

1.            Temperature

2.            Humidity

3.            Precipitation

4.            Air pressure

5.            Dew Point Temperature

6.            Solar Radiation

7.            Wind Speed and Direction

8.            Storm Speed and Direction

Stations are designed in a way that record all the aforementioned parameters automatically every hour.

Water Resources Department/ Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan publishes meteorological calendars annually. These meteorological calendars are easily accessible to every user, such as specialists of different ministries, students and those who apply the data in different models.

Among these 26 meteorological stations, 7 stations are within Panj-Amu River Basin, 7 within Kabul River Basin, 6 within Northern River Basin, 3 within Helmand River Basin and 3 are located within Harirod Murghab River Basin.    

Climatological Stations

Latitude Lognitude Elevation Station Region Province
36.18820278 68.69178056 000000 Tapa-i-Farhat-AWS Pnaj Amo Baghlan