Snow Survey Stations

  • 2018-04-14
  • By momenzada

Since there were three decades of war in our country, Snow data missed many years.

 After the rather peace came in, in our country, Fortunately Ministry of Energy and Water. With the financial support of World Bank installed and equipped.30   Snow survey stations at five major river basin in Afghanistan.

These Snow survey Stations gauged the following parameters.

 1.           Air Temperature

2.            Relative Humidity

3.            Precipitation

4.            Pressure

5.            Dew Point Temperature

6.            Solar Radiation

7.            Wind Speed and Wind Direction

8.          Snow gauge

These Stations are designed in a way that record all the aforementioned parameters automatically every hour.

Water Resources Department/ Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan publishes Snow survey   calendars annually. These Snow survey   calendars are easily accessible to every user, such as specialists of different ministries, students and those who apply the data in different models.

from this 30 snow survey  stations has been installed  9 in Kabul River Basin,4 Helmand River Basin,2 Harirod Murghab River Basin, 2 in Northern River Basin and 13 station in Panj-Amu River Basin.  

Snow Survey Stations

Latitude Lognitude Elevation Station Region Province
35-26923056 69-67671389 2346 Dara-i-Hazara-SSS North Region Panjshir